brothers? - the Russian-Ukrainian war in the souvenir shop

Russia and Ukraine, two countries, often called brothers or brother nations.

Since summer 2014 a bloody war troned appart both contries. From the very beginning the physical war was attended by a propaganda war - a struggle for the public opinion and the peoples support. The glorification of their own, political leadership and their governments position became importand as theevery weapon delivery to the front lines.

The propaganda on both sides uses nationalistic fantasies and lower instincts of the countries citizens. In daily life the traces become more and more absurd. Tons of political souvenirs appeared on Russian and Ukrainian markets. Most of those objects are focused on Russia´s president Vladimir Putin - either cesarally, as a great, golden leader or as an aggressor, a ridiculous gnome who is still frustrated about the collapse of Soviet Union.

The souvenirs are full of stereotypes - just like our still lifes.

Russia and Ukraine - even in those fate they are similar to each other - more similar then they like to be!

... by Ludwig Schoepfer and Christian A. Werner, 2017