On the Brink - HIV in the Ukraine

The Ukraine is the most endangered country in Europe and has one of the worlds highest rates of HIV new infections in the world. With the breakdown of the social and economical system in the early 1990´s a drug epidemic started to flood the country. With the use of drugs, HIV started to spread. Street children, prostitutes and drug users are mostly endangered to get infected with HIV. The governmental prisons are hot spots for the infection. 
Connected to AIDS other heavy infectious diseases spread across the Ukraine. Illnesses like tuberculosis and hepatitis endanger the lives of HIV positive people.

Through the difficult political situation in the Ukraine, the lack of HIV prevention for the high risk groups, the absence of information and the corrupt and ailing health care system HIV could easily spread further every day.In the past the virus was mainly transmitted by the use of injection drugs. Today most of new infections happen through unprotected sexual intercourse.

© Christian A. Werner, 2012-16