Trees are not there yet

Resettlement in Germany´s mining area Garzweiler

Seen from above the Lower-Rhine region in Germany`s west seems like a moonscape. Huge opencast mines characterize the region since ages. Europe´s largest brown coal deposits are located here. For Germany brown coal is the most important mineral resource. The opencast mine "Garzweiler" is constantly growing and all over the region relocation of peoples homes belongs to the daily life. Centuries-old villages got wiped off the map and a few kilometers away, artificial new settlements arise, planned on the drawing board.

For most of these people this basic change is very difficult. Especially for elder inhabitants it takes ages to get used to the new village. They have to leave the places of their personal history behind. From now it only exists in their minds, as their private memories. Their homeland is lost forever. Without any possibility to go back. None of them can show itheir childhood home to the grandchildren. For younger inhabitants the new beginning is far easier. They have fewer memories and get used to the new surrounding more quickly. Just like the resettlement plan demands it.

After a while new social structures slowly the village and everything becomes more natural. But trees? - Trees are not there yet.

© Christian A. Werner, 2015